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The ultimate understatement…

From yesterday’s post… 5. Thankful that, despite having to make ANOTHER trip to the Honduran mainland TOMORROW to try and resolve our residency issue before our current visas expire on Saturday, God is ALWAYS in control and simply wants us to LET HIM run the show. Today’s reality… (Note:  ALL […]


Give Thanks To God

Indescribable Gratitude 2

  There are simply NOT enough hours in the day for me to adequately list all we are thankful for today. God has been so good and gracious to our family. To HIM be ALL the glory! Just to name a very few things… 1. Despite the house running out […]

Clínica Esperanza – Great care…even better people!

Clínica Esperanza is a wonderful place with wonderful people.  We had our first visit there during our exploratory visit back in November 2012, when Hannah reacted to Thimble Jellyfish stings.  We’ve had plenty more visits there since moving to Roatan in July 2013 (most of you know our stories about […]


Beautiful Baptisms

We have experienced many “firsts” since moving to Honduras. Many good…a few not so good. Well, this is one AWESOME first that I hope is the first of MANY, MANY to come. I have seen some beautiful baptisteries through the years…all of them man-made.  Well, once again, God shows we […]