Road Trip – First Update

The following is an email sent this morning, during the road trip from Texas to Honduras:

Dear Sunday School Class, Purple Man Group, and others from FBCA,

My apologies for not providing an update before now. Our days have been extremely long and challenging, including driving many hours at night (which is discouraged) just to get to secure lodging.

Internet access has been almost nil, until this hotel.

I am very short on time as we need to get back on the road. Therefore, to provide a quick update, I will simply share some comments I shared with one of my son’s:


We are in Antigua, Guatemala. Should cross the border into Honduras today. Will spend the night just inside the Honduras border, then drive across the country and hopefully ferry to Roatan on Tuesday.

We’ve had 2 border crossings and haven’t had to unload the trailer yet. (To God be ALL the glory.)

It is proving to be a very hard road trip (VERY HARD), but God has been there every single step along the way, showing Himself in very real, powerful ways. Every time it appears something is awry, God turns it to a blessing. We have been blown away by it all.

This has been one of the most difficult things I have done in my life…yet my faith has skyrocketed. I absolutely will not waiver in my faith ever again. God has been unbelievably gracious to us…every single step along the way.


Thanks for your continued prayer support. God truly reigns!

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