Christian Walk

Clínica Esperanza – Great care…even better people!

Clínica Esperanza is a wonderful place with wonderful people.  We had our first visit there during our exploratory visit back in November 2012, when Hannah reacted to Thimble Jellyfish stings.  We’ve had plenty more visits there since moving to Roatan in July 2013 (most of you know our stories about […]


Beautiful Baptisms

We have experienced many “firsts” since moving to Honduras. Many good…a few not so good. Well, this is one AWESOME first that I hope is the first of MANY, MANY to come. I have seen some beautiful baptisteries through the years…all of them man-made.  Well, once again, God shows we […]

God’s Amazing Mercy! 1

WOW! This was such a wonderfully written piece, offering some very powerful insight into God’s Word, I simply felt it worthy of sharing. You are encouraged to go read Jon Bloom’s post titled: God’s Bright Design for Your Bitter Providences A couple of thoughts shared by Jon: When we want God […]

Grateful hearts…

Since some of you that follow our ministry web page postings may not be on Facebook, I just wanted to share Karin’s Facebook posting from today: Today I am so thankful for family and friends (also family of God) who have continually shown us love, prayer and kindness as we […]

What is total surrender? 8

A moment of confession… Many of you know some of our challenges since moving to Honduras. Further, some of you know some of my personal aggravation as of late, feeling like, despite pouring my heart out to God, asking for Him to make Himself known to me in specific ways […]