Clínica Esperanza – Great care…even better people!


Clínica Esperanza is a wonderful place with wonderful people.  We had our first visit there during our exploratory visit back in November 2012, when Hannah reacted to Thimble Jellyfish stings.  We’ve had plenty more visits there since moving to Roatan in July 2013 (most of you know our stories about all the “issues” since our arrival).  Through that November 2012 visit, we learned about R Church, where we now attend on a regular basis.  From visiting R Church, we’ve met lots of wonderful people, including the founder of Clínica Esperanza, Ms. Peggy.  (For those that don’t know, Clínica Esperanza translates to Hope Clinic in English.)

God works in wonderfully mysterious ways.  If only we could see it all through HIS eyes.

I found the following article an interesting read, and thought I would share it. For those of you that travel to foreign countries for vacation, take particular note of the “disposable clothes” approach that Gregory Norris takes when going on vacation.  Sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

God bless you all.  We love you!

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