God’s Amazing Mercy! 1

WOW! This was such a wonderfully written piece, offering some very powerful insight into God’s Word, I simply felt it worthy of sharing.

You are encouraged to go read Jon Bloom’s post titled:

God’s Bright Design for Your Bitter Providences

A couple of thoughts shared by Jon:

When we want God to start giving us some answers, we need the Bible to help us get our heads out of the claustrophobic confines of our private worlds and into the galactic greatness of what God is allowing us to be a part of. We need to remember that we’re dealing with God here.

The secrets God keeps from us are a greater mercy to us than we likely realize.

This means that as creatures we must learn to live contentedly with what God intends to be mysterious to us and grab hold of the revealed things with everything we have.


To HIM be ALL the glory!

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