Indescribable Gratitude 2

Give Thanks To God


There are simply NOT enough hours in the day for me to adequately list all we are thankful for today.

God has been so good and gracious to our family. To HIM be ALL the glory!

Just to name a very few things…

1. Despite the house running out of gas (for the gas oven) on a day when lots of cooking is underway, we’re thankful we were able to rush to SolGas and get refilled in a timely manner. (Wonderful friends loaned us a tank, but it had a different connector on it.)

2. Thankful for a good running vehicle to allow such a trip to get an emergency refill on the gas tank, so that cooking could continue.

3. Thankful for island friends making it a team effort.

4. Thankful for the wonderful meal we will be sharing with many friends tonight.

5. Thankful that, despite having to make ANOTHER trip to the Honduran mainland TOMORROW to try and resolve our residency issue before our current visas expire on Saturday, God is ALWAYS in control and simply wants us to LET HIM run the show.

6. Thankful that so many family and friends are earnestly praying for God’s divine intervention on our Jeep situation, that has to be resolved by the end of December. We’ve totally given the situation to the Lord and are anxiously awaiting His blessings!

7. Thankful for good health.

8. Thankful for each and every breath.

God is on His throne!  To HIM be ALL the glory!

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