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Not Forgotten Ministries LogoBecause of our intent to follow Henry Blackaby’s suggestion to “look around and see where God is at work and join in”, we quite simply don’t know where all we will be serving.  We clearly expect our ministry efforts in Roatan to be very dynamic and changing. Therefore, we are excited to be making ourselves available to wherever God truly leads. Our hope is that our obedience through availability will be pleasing to Him.

Below is a partial list of various mission groups and/or ministry efforts that we’ve been introduced to and may have the opportunity to serve with…

I think it important NOT to give any wrong impressions in regards to any formal connections we may or may not have, as I continue to briefly touch upon some of the connections we do have.

First Baptist Church Arlington


     First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX


Out of all the following, the only organization that we truly have an existing “formal” connection with is First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX (FBCA FBCA is a very active “sending church”, with missionaries sent throughout many foreign lands. They are serving as our “home church” while we are in Roatan.

Honduran Fellowship


     Honduran Fellowship


We have joined the Honduran Fellowship (  This organization will be instrumental in helping us acquire Missionary Residencies for Honduras, along with helping with several other logistics. One thing I particularly like about this organization is something they share on their About Us page, which states:

Though there are many denominations of Christianity, the one thing that binds us together is Jesus Christ, the Son of God through whom salvation comes and by whom the door to eternal life with God is opened. We are interested in working with any who share this core belief.

Buckner International


     Buckner International


Because we have some friends at FBCA that work for Buckner International ( AND because one of the many promptings from God that pointed us specifically to Roatan came when we learned about what all Buckner was doing in Honduras, we made arrangements to visit their various endeavors in Roatan, during our stay.

We had the wonderful opportunity of getting to visit both their Community Transformation Center (CTC) and an Emergency Shelter (girls home). We immediately made a strong heart connection with the girls at the home. Over the course of several weeks, we had a pizza party, played games, danced, shared some scripture and just spent time talking and getting to know all the girls. They were such a true blessing to us.

Unfortunately, during our visit, we also learned that Buckner was planning to move the girls home from the island, over to the mainland.  Our hearts were broken, as we had already developed some very strong relations with the girls.  The girls home has since been moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Nevertheless, we still intend on connecting further with Buckner’s Community Transformation Center (CTC).

By the way, one of the CTC’s primary services in the community is to provide a day care (free of charge) for up to 30 children while their parent(s) strive to either work or find work. They were just one shy of capacity at the time we were there.

During our visit, we learned (and witnessed) that this day care did not have one single toy, not one.  Further, despite having the children all day, and striving to provide them lunches through a small kitchen area, they did not have a microwave. We were truly blessed by having the opportunity to provide them with lots of toys (a small rental car full 😉 and a small microwave, before our recent stay ended. (To God be all the Glory!)

Roatan Mission


     Roatan Mission


The Morin family ( was very gracious to introduce us to many people and share many ministry opportunities with us.  This family is involved in many different missions efforts, several of which we plan to join and contribute as well.  They have been an absolute Godsend.


Clinica Esperanza


      Clinica Esperanza

Clinica Esperanza ( provides low-cost/no cost medical care to the people of Roatan. For those of you that prayed for us during our exploratory visit in Nov/Dec 2012, our visit to Clinica Esperanza for Hannah’s thimble jellyfish issue proved to set off a domino reaction of meeting some absolutely wonderful people. Peggy Stranges is a wonderful, God-fearing lady that is continuing to be a true blessing as we adjust to our new home.



     ER International


Ernie & Robyn Breaux (  have a heart for helping disabled children, runaways, and young mothers find hope and support while learning of the love of Jesus Christ.  We’ve only made brief introductions to date, but hope to truly get to know this wonderful family and their ministry at a much deeper level.

Sonrise Mission Inn


     Calvary Chapel Roatan

Calvary Chapel Roatan (, which is also part of the Son Rise Mission Inn (, has a particular heart for ministering to men, and encouraging them to lead God honoring lives. These two entities are located on the same property which is just down the road from one of the poorest, most destitute areas of Roatan, called La Colonia (or simply Colonia, for short).

It is heart wrenching and mind boggling to see people living in such horrific conditions.  It goes beyond words to try and explain.  Muddy hillsides, trash everywhere, “homes” that consisted of tree limbs and tarps.  I’m sure most everyone has seen pictures of such, but walking through it and talking to the people that live it is a far cry from seeing the pictures. God truly touched our hearts for these people living under such harsh and trying conditions.

Living Water 4 Roatan


Living Water 4 Roatan


Although we have not had the opportunity to meet anyone from this particular ministry, we learned that most (if not all) of the water available to the people of Colonia has been provided within the last few years by way of Living Water 4 Roatan (  Many of the residents in this area now have the ability to get clean water at least once a week.

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