October 10, 2013

  • Despite some horrible symptoms and several trying days, we are extremely grateful Hannah is on the mends from Dengue fever.
  • We’ve jumped through the hoops and have managed to get a 90 day extension on our Jeep’s permit to be in the country.  We’re grateful for God’s providing this option, if but for a short time. We’re continuing to pray for a more permanent solution.  Short of God’s providing another option, we’ll have to take the Jeep out of the country before January 1st.
  • We’ve managed to pay all duties and fees on the trailer we brought into the country. By early next week, we should be able to pick-up my passport and our final paperwork, putting that need/issue to rest. We are truly grateful for God’s provision.

July 27th, 2013

  • The send-off our Sunday School class (and others) from First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX, gave us the night before our road trip started was nothing short of absolutely wonderful. Some of the prayers lifted up that night were very powerful in sustaining us on our journey. We are truly grateful.
  • The 6 day, 5 night road trip that my brother Lynn and I took to get here was extremely stressful and challenging…BUT was filled with God’s hand and blessings. We saw him at every turn, and He RICHLY rewarded our faithfulness.
  • After almost 4 weeks now, we are finally starting to feel like we are getting settled in. We still have several items not yet unpacked, which is hard to believe considering what little we came down with, but we see light at the end of the “settling in” tunnel.
  • An amazing Realtor that has stepped up and offered to spend some of her own monies to help get our house sold. We are truly humbled.
  • God’s continued provision in some of the roughest weeks in the life of our small business.
  • We have met some wonderful people here. We hope to build upon the infant relationships that have been started.
  • Despite the heat and all the BUGS (we seem to be getting bit worse than in Africa!), it is an absolutely beautiful country. I cannot fathom atheists seeing this beauty and continuing to doubt.

( end )

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