Road Trip – Final Update

The following is an email sent tonight, immediately following the road trip from Texas to Honduras:


For my final update directly related to the trip itself….

We finally arrived in Roatan last night. It was pure joy to have Karin waiting to take us to our new home.

God came through in several phenomenal ways on our last day of the journey…including having some Honduran National Policemen abandon their post and escort us to our desired destination whenever we were lost and running out of time to catch the ferry to the island. Absolutely mind boggling how God’s grace prevailed every single time.  I hope to post more details soon, to our ministry’s new web site.

As of this morning, we have picked up the Jeep and trailer (which had to be shipped separately overnight). Due to the outrageously rough trip (lots of jaw rattling speed bump hits and pot hole disasters…5 days worth) I thought for sure we would have lots of broken items in the trailer. I warned Karin, “If it was breakable and in the trailer, be prepared that it will very likely be broken.” Although there was a small amount of damage sustained to various items (scratches, etc.), nothing of any consequence was truly broken. Even in the trivial, God blessed us.

Finally getting caught up with Karin, I learned how many of you came through mightily on her last few days in Texas. Words simply cannot express our deep, heartfelt gratitude for your help and blessings. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My sincere prayer is that God will smile upon each one of you, just as He has my family.

God is great and mighty and worthy of all praise and worship. May we exalt Him forever.

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